DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Some brothers who know what that’s like to grow up in foster care are giving back to others this holiday season.

The Holden brothers are collecting monetary donations to buy Christmas gifts for children in foster care. Their goal is $10,000 to help more children and group homes this year than ever before.

Kyle Holden and his three brothers grew up in foster care. 

“Our parents were addicted to drugs and so that’s what put us in foster care, and we grew up through the system all the way through our lives,” says Holden. 

The Holdens founded Fostering Ohio, a local nonprofit to help children and teens in foster care and through their emancipation. 

“Since aging out of foster care ourselves, we’ve always been kind of inspired and moved to help people, especially this time of year,” says Holden.

They’ve been taking in donations for about the last ten years to buy Christmas gifts for kids. 

They’ve made it easy to donate. People can give multiple ways, including Fostering Ohio’s website, Facebook page, or Amazon link

“It’s sad because sometimes you’ll get a Christmas list of teenage kids, and they want socks or t-shirts or underwear or something under the tree. And that’s not something that my kids would ask for. And I know what they mean when they put that stuff because I grew up in foster care myself,” describes Holden.

“I remember being a teenage kid and living in a group home and you just want sometimes some of the basic necessities of life. So, we try to get all their interest,  their favorite color, their sizes, and we tell them make a real Christmas list. If you had those things what else would you want?”

Holden says they’re about 25% to their goal.

He’s hoping more money will come in to give kids the Christmas that they deserve.

“We want to get them something brand new. We want to get them something from the store that’s got tags on it still because some of them maybe have never had that experience before of getting anything brand new,” says Holden. “As everybody always says it’s better to give than receive. It truly is.”

Click here to donate through Fostering Ohio’s website.

Click here to donate on their Facebook page

Click here when shopping on Amazon so proceeds will go to Fostering Ohio. 

They’re taking donations up until Christmas Eve.