DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Captain Todd Marburger was completely surprised when he was honored by his colleagues on his 10,000th day as a certified EMT for Spirit EMS.

“I never expected to be recognized for doing my job, and doing something that I love to do,” the Brookville native said. “It was a good feeling and kind of embarrassing at the same time. I was happy to see all of my family, Spirit family and friends there. It shows the support that they have and how caring they are.”

Marburger has been a certified EMT for a total of twenty-seven years, four months, and sixteen
days in the state of Ohio. He said that he loves the challenges that come with the job, and that being able to make a difference when people are not at their best is another thing he loves about the work.

“The world of EMS today is very hard, and the longevity of EMS workers in the wake of recent
times is becoming very short-lived.” Spirit EMS President and CEO Brian K. Hathaway said.

“This type of longevity is becoming unheard of. It’s especially rare for someone who has visions of continuing their EMS career for several more years to come. This is a great milestone to celebrate, and we are forever grateful for Todd’s continued perseverance as an EMS practitioner and leader in our organization.”

Marburger thanked his family, his past employers and Spirit EMS for their support during his
long-standing career as an EMT.

“I cannot thank everyone enough for their love and support,” he said.