KETTERING/DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – It was a big day at Brigid’s Path. Their doors finally opened and expect to finally be treating newborns any time now.

For the last 2-years, they’ve had volunteers that helped build and prepare the facility. Today is extra special for them because they can finally be part of a solution.

It’s really gratifying. It’s almost surreal,” said Nancy Frank.

Frank has been a volunteer since day one.

“When they hired the nurses, there was just a different atmosphere. Like, this is really going to happen,” said Frank.

At one time, Frank was collecting donations out in the community.

Fast forward 2-years, and that isn’t the case anymore.

“It comes down to children having birthday parties and instead of personal gifts for them, they ask for presents for Brigid’s Path,” said Frank.

All of these volunteers have one thing in common.

“The babies are the forgotten ones in this epidemic,” said Sabrina Jewett, a volunteer.

Some volunteers, like Terri Stucky, dropped everything to get involved.

“My husband and I talked about this and I said, I really like working and I love my job. But I really felt called to do this,” said Stucky.

It hasn’t always been easy going for volunteers like Jean Hoying.

“We had to do what was necessary and that was to get money. We started with grant writing. Neither one of us knew anything about it. But we dug in there and just kept learning,” said Hoying.

Brigid’s Path is taking volunteer applications and donations on their website.

Brigid’s Path says they will expand volunteer opportunities as they get more patients. They have received plenty of applications and plan to get back to people as they launch the clinic.