VANDALIA, Ohio (WDTN) — The U.S. Navy Blue Angels Super Hornets are making its first ever appearance at the Dayton Air Show this weekend.

“They’re a more modern platform, so they look kinda the same but once you’re in the air, they seem a lot closer to you because of the bigger frame,” said Commanding Officer & Flight Leader for Blue Angels Captain Brian Kesselring. “The best thing about them, they’re bigger and got more air power.”

The F/A 18 Super Hornet aircraft is 30% bigger and larger than the Legacy Hornets they replaced, and significantly louder. It can unleash a more powerful sonic air wave compared with the Hornet Legacy.

This weekend marks two milestones; the Blue Angels first performance in Dayton in nearly four years, plus the commanding officer’s first and last time flying in the Dayton Air Show.

“Each one of us serves only two to three years on the team,” said Capt. Kesselring. “This is my third and final year, lucky me I get to fly over Dayton for my third year. Definitely a show we look forward to based on the rich history here and the great people in the area.”

Although the pandemic put the world on hold during 2020, Capt. Kesselring said he’s been able to see America’s response all from the cockpit of the Blue Angel.

”We had a lot of tumultuous times, certainly we all went through the pandemic together but to be able to see and come out of that, be on the road and see America respond to that adversity and came out better for it, see the excitement and positivity in the crowd line is awesome,” said Capt. Kesselring.