DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – As we near the winter months, organizations are worried over the ongoing emergency blood shortage. Blood banks are putting out the call for new and returning donors ahead of the holidays.

The Community Blood Center in Dayton is in need of type O+ and type O- blood donations. As of Tuesday, CBC had a 5 day supply of type O+ and a 3 day supply of type O-.

While there’s enough supply to get through right now, CBC officials said it’s not enough to keep up with the demand long-term.

“That is an uncomfortable position to be at. We’re not at a full-blown emergency, we’re not in the red per se,” said CBC PR and marketing manager Mark Pompilio

Pompilio said COVID-19 is still impacting blood drive efforts, meaning fewer corporate and school blood drives are being held.

“That’s usually time to get some blood supply stock replenished and full and ready for the hardships ahead and instead we went through a fall where we were doing just enough day-to-day,” Pompilio said.

The American Red Cross is also facing a blood shortage and said often the cold weather and flu season impacts their pool of donors.

“When seasonal illness increases, the number of healthy blood donors tends to decrease,” the release said. “Paired with winter weather, busy holiday schedules and ongoing COVID-19 concerns, the already-struggling blood supply could be further impacted throughout winter.”

Those blood donations are essential for hospitals who rely on the supply.

“It is used in those emergency situations where we don’t have the ability to be very specifically able to match somebody’s blood type,” Miami Valley Hospital chief medical officer Dr. Roberto Colon said. “It is critical in some of those situations, we end up using multiple units.”

Colon said there hasn’t been a point where they didn’t have blood to use, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a worry as the shortage wears on.

“We want to make sure we don’t get to a situation, as I mentioned, where somebody’s life could be compromised because we don’t have that resource,” Colon said.

Pompilio said they’re in need of donors of all blood types, and from now through the holidays.

Both CBC and the Red Cross are offering small incentives and events to try to get more people to give blood.

“New donors have been plentiful, they’ve definitely had a lot of response to the pandemic by people wanting to give blood, particularly new people, but we need more because that’s how you identify O negative donors,” Pompilio said.

Thursday, Nov. 11 through Saturday, Nov. 13, Community Blood Center is offering one of their incentives.

Anyone who donates blood will receive a $10 Kroger gift card, and veterans will also receive a $10 gift card to Dunkin Donuts.