DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Employees with the Montgomery County Children Services say as children are relocated and moved around, they usually do not have anything to carry their belongings in.

The Ohio State Coalition for clubs or COC is made up of 47 biker clubs across the state, and they come together to support the community in different ways, and they say their goal is to change that.

On Sunday, they supported the Montgomery County Children Services with luggage for children.

Keith Tickle is the Public Affairs Officer for Ohio COC, he says they are proud to give back to the community in the many ways they do.

“This is our opportunity to really demonstrate the caring hearts of workers in the communities we serve. And so wants to constantly give back. And this is just one of the many promises that we can put out to them,” Keith Tickle said.

 Walmart is one of the partners that works with coc to make this possible.. and helped the Ohio COC donate more than 200 new suitcases to the Montgomery County Jobs and Family Children Services Division.

Children’s Services says most kids do not have luggage when they are moved from their homes, they either use trash bags or nothing at all to carry their clothes.

Ohio COC donating the suitcases fills a much needed gap.

“This has been an ongoing issue for us as well as other child welfare agencies across the state, and they’ve been so kind to donate things for our children so they have something for their clothes. I mean, these are some very fine, nice brand new suitcases for our children to fill that need for them to fill that gap and to show once again just how much these men and women from the Ohio State Coalition care about our children.” Craig Rickett, Associate Director of Montgomery County Children Services, told us.

The county says they accept this gift and plan to give the suitcases to children in foster care.