CINCINNATI, Ohio (WDTN) – Before the Bengals and Raiders battled on the football field Saturday, a Bengals fan who traveled from Texas made the biggest play of the day by saving the life of a Raiders fan from Miamisburg.

Noah Harsh said he surprised his grandpa, Ed Fernandes, with tickets to Saturday’s playoff game at Paul Brown Stadium.

“We both found out the Bengals were hosting the Raiders and we were ecstatic,” Harsh said.

Ed Fernandes, a big Raiders fan, spent the morning meeting other fans outside the stadium. Then everything went wrong.

“All of a sudden he passed out, I knew something was wrong, I tried to catch him, but he fell on his head,” Harsh said. “For a second, I was scared. I was really scared.”

Until Jerry Mills, a Bengals fan, and Dallas emergency room nurse originally from Cincinnati came to Fernandes’ rescue.

“Jerry came in to the rescue and did CPR,” Harsh said. “He said ‘I’m an ER professional, I’ll do CPR on him.’ He jumped right in right away. I felt so relieved when he said I got a pulse. I’ve never been so relieved in my life.”

Fernandes was taken to UC Medical Center, and Harsh said his grandpa is in good spirits, even with that Raiders loss.

“When we called him the next morning, he called us, he said, ‘Aw the Raiders lost,’ I mean he was bummed out, but he is happy to be back, happy to be alive,” Harsh said.

Harsh said what Mills did was a hero act. One that he and his family will be forever grateful for.

“I personally say thank you again, my family says thank you, my Grandpa Ed says thank you,” Harsh said.

Harsh said Fernandes is still at UC Medical Center will three blockages and will undergo bypass heart surgery Thursday.

Harsh said when his grandpa recovers from surgery, he hopes to meet Mills face-to-face to say thank you personally.