CINCINNATI, Ohio (WDTN) – The heart of Cincinnati has been broken but not shattered after Sunday’s loss to the Los Angeles Rams. However, Bengals fans said they’ve enjoyed the ride of a lifetime to the Super Bowl.

“It doesn’t even matter if you’re a football fan or not, every single fan in Cincinnati is heartbroken, we all had hope but just seeing that go away is the most heartbreaking thing ever,” said Bengals fan Joy.

Heartbroken and in disbelief, the Bengals’ fairytale didn’t have a happy ending.

“They haven’t had anything like this in years, everyone wanted the underdog, wanted to see it happen,” said Bengals fan Kellen.

The Bengals’ historic Super Bowl run fell short, but not all was lost. The city came together for the first time in over three-decades to celebrate Bengals pride.

“It’s sad but the fact we made it this far is awesome, it was so cool to see the whole city come together for this,” said Bengal’s fan Megan. “We thought the curse would break and it didn’t, it’s fine but we’ll come back, there’s always next year.”

Bengals fans said their spirits may be low tonight but don’t worry, the jungle will be ready to roar next season.

“We’ll be back, we’ll be back next year, we fought hard,’ said Bengals fan Trevor. “You heard it here first, we’ll be next year’s Super Bowl champs for sure.”

The curse lives on, fans are hoping that tonight’s loss will only fuel the Bengals to remember this feeling and not let it repeat next season.