Dayton Public Schools confirms students at Belmont High School will wear uniforms and headphones will be banned going into the new school year. 

Belmont students return to class Monday, August 13th. 

Today, you’ll find uniform requirements posted on the doors at the front of the school.

Principal Donetrus Hill has been on the job at Belmont for three weeks. He’s the former principal Meadowdale High School.

He says there’s a few reason behind the shift to uniforms. 

“We need do know who’s on this campus at all times. We need to know who belongs and who doesn’t belong. One of the quickest ways to do that is put everyone in a standardized dress,” said Hill. 

Each grade has its own color.

8th and 9th grade will wear black. 10th grade will wear white. 11th will wear blue and seniors will wear red.

“They don’t want to end up in the shirt two years in a row. It is pushing them to go ahead and work towards academic achievement and growth,” said Hill. 

Students not in uniform will be sent home.

Principle Hill says a recent meeting with parents went well. He felt the community supported the move to uniforms.

2 News talked to several parents off camera. They all seem to agree, whatever gets their kids motivated, is a win for everyone. 

As the school embraces uniforms, they will also ban headphones.

“Again it speaks to safety. If there is something going on. You cant hear me. If I need to get your attention, I have to go through to much to reach you,” said Hill. 

On Friday’s, students will be able to break away from uniforms and instead sport some spirit gear.