BEAVERCREEK, Ohio (WDTN) – A group of Beavercreek parents and the school district are working together to address school security when students return in the fall.

“When you drop your kid off in the morning, you shouldn’t have to worry about if they’re going to be there when they get off the bus in the evening,” Creek Safe Treasurer Jennifer Beck said.

Beck is not only taking care of her third and eighth graders, she’s looking after all the students in the Beavercreek City School District.

Beck is the treasurer of Creek Safe, Inc., a nonprofit run by parents that fundraises to improve the district’s security.

“We raised money for Beavercreek schools so they could put Anchorman door locks on every classroom,” Beck said.

Creek Safe works to maintain the lock system in the summer. The group is in need of volunteers Wednesday and Thursday to clean out and check the locks in each of the schools.

Creek Safe’s mission isn’t over after the door locks. The Beavercreek School District has asked for their help on two more safety initiatives.

“There’s a product out there that’s produced by 3M. It’s a film that goes on glass that’s an expensive film,” Beavercreek City Schools Director of Student Services Jeff Madden said. “It goes back to that funding piece, if we had funding for that, so we could do more of that.”

Madden said he is constantly taking a look at their security protocols. This summer, the district worked with the community to improve security heading into the new school year.

Madden said the district evaluates the safety of their buildings, student procedures for reporting, and resources available for mental health support.

“We look at it from, I guess, the whole child or whole facility aspect when it comes to school safety with our students,” Madden said.

Beck said it’s not just up to the districts to protect their kids, she said parents in Beavercreek and across the Miami Valley should also get involved.

“We’re hoping that even other districts will take a page out of our book,” Beck said. “It is feasible to raise this money to keep the kids safe.”

Anyone who wants to help Creek Safe maintain locks can fill out this registration form. The group will be meeting at Trebien Elementary School Wednesday at 9 a.m.