DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Wildfires burning across the Hawaiian island of Maui have now killed at least 36 people. The fires began Tuesday night and have since caused wide-spread destruction.

Miami Valley native Andrew Huey, who now lives in Maui, watches as wildfires blaze across the island he and his family call home.

“Your community, your neighbors, your bank, your grocery store, all just gone, literally just gone,” he said. “I really feel for the people that have lost family members, you know, people missing, and many people have lost their homes, including some people that I know personally.”

Currently, Huey is in Alaska for a planned trip. He said he got one of the last flights out of the airport Tuesday.

“They closed down the airport,” he said. “From what I’m told, about 1,800 people had to shelter in place at the airport.”

Huey grew up in Beavercreek and has lived on Maui for 22 years, along with his wife and two sons. On Tuesday night, his family had to quickly evacuate their home.

His wife and children were able to return home Wednesday morning but still have bags packed in case they have to leave again.

Huey runs a vacation rental home on Maui, and with so many people stuck or displaced, he is getting dozens of phone calls with people desperate for a place to stay. He said while he is at full occupancy, what he, and others, can do to help is donate.

He is encouraging Miami Valley residents who want to help to make a donation to the Aloha United Way Fire Relief Fund.

All fund proceeds are directed to Maui United Way whose partner agencies, such as Maui Food Bank, the Red Cross and the Salvation Army, are distributing relief funds toward the community’s most urgent needs, according to the United Way.

“Make a small donation to help the people in need maybe rebuild their lives and make Maui a better, stronger place,” Huey said.