XENIA, Ohio (WDTN) – A Beavercreek man has been sentenced to over 18 years in prison after being convicted of repeated drug trafficking offences as well as leading police on a chase across northern Beavercreek.

According to court documents, 29-year-old Robert Nolan was found guilty of 17 offences during his February 7 trial. Crimes include trafficking and possession of Cocaine, trafficking and possession of Fentanyl, and possession of Amphetamines.

In March of 2019, Fairborn police found $2,000 cash and quantities of marijuana prepared for distribution in an apartment Nolan was using, the release said.

In October of 2020, an officer responding to a local business complaint encountered Nolan in a Beavercreek parking lot.  When the officer attempted to speak to Nolan, Nolan got into a vehicle and drove away, nearly hitting the officer, the release said.  Police chased Nolan through northern Beavercreek, where he committed multiple traffic violations including running a stop sign and red light and driving the wrong way on North Fairfield Road.

Nolan managed to escape on foot.

In April of 2021, records show that a confidential informant working with the Greene County A.C.E. Drug Task Force made repeated purchases of Cocaine and Percocet from Nolan. During one of these sales, the release says Nolan bragged to the confidential informant that “Selling percs [Percocet] and cocaine, that’s my forte.”

On May 4, 2021, the release states that police searched Nolan’s apartment and found approximately 38 grams of Cocaine, multiple Amphetamine pills, and several pills of pressed Fentanyl. Nolan was arrested along with two women who he was working with.

For each of these offences, the release stated that Nolan was either on bond for another pending felony matter and/or under felony probation supervision.

Greene County Prosecutor David D. Hayes said, “Robert Nolan has demonstrated that he has no respect for the law or the law enforcement officers who protect our communities. The lengthy prison sentence handed down by Judge Tornichio reflects the danger that Nolan represents.”

In February 2022, Nolan pleaded guilty to the marijuana offences and to the car chase. He was found guilty by a jury of the other drug-related charges.

He has been sentenced to a total of 18.5 years in prison, the release says, after which he will be supervised by the Adult Parole Authority for up to five years. He was also forced to forfeit approximately $11,000 in cash.