BEAVERCREEK, Ohio (WDTN) – The City of Beavercreek is asking voters to pass a levy that would create an income tax in the city for the first time.

If passed, the levy would create a 1% income tax that would go into effect in 2022.

The 1% income tax levy would also expire a 3.4 mil street levy.

“Currently property tax owners share the full burden of all city services,” Beavercreek City Manager Pete Landrum said. “They pay for everything because we do not have an income tax.”

Landrum said at least 75% of those working in Beavercreek do not live in Beavercreek.

He said city has millions of dollars in backlogged projects and future projects, and the income tax would help fund improving infrastructure projects and other municipal operations.

Beavercreek is one of four cities in Ohio that does not have an income tax. Landrum said in the city’s charter, it is required for voters to pass an income tax in order for it to be established.

“Now’s the time to look at a different method to move forward into the future without it having the weight of those dollars being just on the property owners,” Landrum said.

“A lot of people work in Beavercreek now that didn’t work here before,” Beavercreek resident Bob Schalle said. “So they still use all of the stuff that, our infrastructure, the roads, all of that stuff, yet they’re not paying for it. So it’s time for them to take some of that burden.”

If approved, property owners would receive a tax reduction around $101.46 per $100,000 in property value.

The city will pay a 100% credit to those already paying an income tax to a different municipality.

There are exemptions to the tax following Ohio revised code, including retirement income.

“I am going to vote no for the income tax levy,” Beavercreek resident Heather Watson said. “I vote yes for all of the property tax levy increases, but I won’t vote yes for the income tax because I moved to Beavercreek because they don’t have one.”

The last time Beavercreek tried to pass an income tax levy was in 2013.