BEAVERCREEK, Ohio (WDTN) — The City of Beavercreek hosted its 11th annual Snow Day. The event allowed members of the city’s Public Service Division to showcase how they are preparing for the upcoming winter season.

“This is our official snow day to give our drivers a chance to get familiar with the trucks again, and to get our newer drivers associated with the trucks,” said Joey Shope, the Public Service superintendent.

The event kicked off with comments by city leaders, including members of the city council and driving demonstrations. Shope said early preparations include getting ready for potential hazards.

“This week we’ve hit every route to look for low hanging branches, trees that can be an issue, and potholes so we can address those before the winter weather gets here,” he said.

Public Service officials said while staffing has remained stagnant over the years, the roadways have increased.

“We’re responsible for over 577 lane miles of road and that’s a significant amount. When we start to look at the amount of lanes each driver has to maintain it’s a challenge for us,” said Mike Thonnerieux, the Public Service Director.

Another challenge plow drivers face is watching out for other vehicles. Road maintenance crews said as they prepare safe snow removal, the community should prepare for safe winter driving.

“As they’re spreading salt or clearing intersections, sometimes they may be moving in erratic directions that our motoring public may not expect. We ask that when you encounter a snow plow, you give them plenty of room,” Thonnerieux said.