DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A student brought a BB gun to Ruskin Elementary School in Dayton this week. Now, parents are worried that the district is not taking appropriate action.

Danielle Davis said on Thursday, her fourth-grade son Ramone told her another student pointed what looked like a gun at him.

“As he was walking out, he told me when he comes back to school, he was going to shoot me,” Ramone said. “I was scared for my life.”

Ramone told his teacher what happened. According to a notice from the district to Ruskin families, the teacher searched the student’s backpack and found a BB gun.

The notice stated that there was no danger to students, saying, “The safety of all students and staff is our utmost priority.”

Jacibe Harrison, another Ruskin parent, said she’s questioning why it took so long for the district to find the BB gun. “What kind of education are these kids getting, to where they think it’s okay to bring a BB gun to school?”

According to the Dayton Public School’s policy handbook, Code 732 states any weapon, or item used as a weapon, is prohibited. Code 735 states a student in possession of a firearm would result in expulsion. However, the policy also states any “firearm look-a-likes” such as a BB gun “should not be reported with this option.”

Davis said the district’s way of handling a BB gun in school is not enough because it could lead to something worse.

“With a gun being at school, regardless of if it is real or fake or just a BB gun, in today’s day and age, this should be taken seriously, and something needs to be done,” Davis said. “I mean, when will you take it seriously? When a child shoots another child, or shoots the teacher? Is that when you decide to take it seriously?”

2 NEWS reached out to the Dayton Public Schools superintendent and school board president for clarification on the district’s weapons policies and did not hear back.

According to the notice parents received, the school will handle any potential discipline the student may face for Thursday’s incident.