BATH TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WDTN) – Some Bath Township residents are facing a costly fix to an annoying problem. The wells in that area have been running dry, affecting water pressure. 

The problem only affects around ten residents on Dayton-Yellow Springs Road, who rely on well water.

But each homeowner might have to pay thousands of dollars to get it fixed.

The proposed solution: to install a city water line along the road, and connect homes to it. 

“The county gave us a price of about $25,000 per each property to be able to do that… and that just puts the line in,” said Bath Township Resident Jim Silcott.

“And then you have a $5,000 tap-in fee, and you have to pay a contractor then, to run a line to your house.”

According to the Fairborn Daily Herald – about $23,000 would have to be added onto each homeowner’s property taxes over the next two decades to fund the construction. 

Residents would also be charged a tap-in fee and plumber’s fee to install a line from the water main.

Depending on how long that line has to be, the fees can soar as high as $10,000 dollars. 

“Way too costly for me,” Silcott said. “And we’ve had a couple meetings with the county people about that and the county engineer. And they’ve told us that, that’s just the price of doing something like that.”