DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Automated license plate readers went live in Dayton on Friday, August 12.

According to the Dayton Police Information Specialist, the Dayton Police Department spent the week activating and testing the new mobile license plate reader units. The department started using the units in the community on Friday.

The fixed-site automated license plate readers will not go live this week, as the process to begin using them is much more involved, the release said.

“The Dayton Police Department will work closely with neighborhood partners and the Community Engagement Division to develop unique neighborhood safety plans,” the release stated. “That process will allow identification of the needs surrounding neighborhood concerns and determine the best response strategies. If fixed-site ALPRs are one of the tools selected, then the deployment process will begin.

These units were approved by the Dayton City Commission on July 20, after a public hearing.