DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) -Artemis Center in Dayton says they’re able to help more than 5,000 people a year with donations from generous donors. They offer resources and services to those dealing with domestic violence situations. Food, clothes and toiletries help these people start a fresh journey, but they recently realized that they didn’t have enough natural hair products for the people with naturally coily, curly or kinky hair that requires special attention.

“We typically get hair products for mostly white women and we know we serve a variety of individuals and we want to make sure we serve all our clients appropriately,” explained Jane Keiffer, executive director of Artemis Center.

Bethany “Bee” Ramsey, natural hair expert and owner of Puff Apothecary, says natural hair does take special products and attention

“Our hair is a huge part of how we present ourselves to the world,” she said. ” When you don’t know how to care for and maintenance your hair you’ll have problems like breakage or lots of split ins it will be difficult to detangle so you’ll find yourself frustrated in the process and it really shouldn’t have to be that way.”

Jane Keiffer says the donation of natural hair products can not only help victims look and feel better during a difficult moment in their lives, but it can also empower them financially.

“We know domestic violence and financial abuse happens in about 90 percent of relationships because abusers control the money,” said Keiffer. “We can give products to survivors and they can use their money elsewhere to help best serve them with rent and utilities.”

To learn how to support the Artemis Center with donations and what other supplies they may need click here.