A Miami Valley army veteran is recovering in the hospital after suffering serious injuries from a hit and run crash Sunday night. A search is now underway to find the driver responsible.

78-year-old Jim Berry is recovering in the trauma unit at Miami Valley Hospital after suffering 4 broken ribs, 2 fractures to his pelvis, a concussion and multiple lacerations after a car nearly ran him over. His family says they want answers.

Berry–an Army Veteran who served in Germany–is now fighting a battle of his own in the hospital.

“It’s horrifying to me,” his granddaughter Ashley Brown said. “It’s just heartbreaking.”

Brown has been by his side since Sunday when he was nearly killed at Huffman Park after a van crashed into his parked car.

At the time, Berry and his friend had just finished fishing and were sitting in their cars talking with Berry’s car door still open. According to Brown, the car came barreling down the road. Instead of the following the one way and turning right, the car went left down the wrong way, crashing into Berry’s car knocking him unconscious. His friend, who was still conscious, called 911 and spoke with a dispatcher who then called Five River Metroparks.

Dispatch: “A white panel van hit a vehicle in the parking lot. There’s a male subject laying on the ground now that was in one of the vehicles that was hit.”

Brown says the suspect was driving a white van with no windows. The crash caused extensive damage to Berry’s Chrysler convertible. The impact ejected Berry from the vehicle, pinning him under his car door.

“Everyday I have gone in and he’s had more bruises that have popped up,” Brown said. “He’s almost bruised from head to toe now. He jokes and he’s in good spirits, but he’s scared too.”

Brown says her grandfather and is stable, but says his oxygen levels are not where they should be. Doctors can’t say when he could be released.

As for the vehicle involved, Police later found the van abandoned and torched. It was reportedly stolen about 30 minutes after the crash.

If you have any information about what happened, call the Five Rivers MetroParks Ranger at 937-275-7275.