WEST CARROLLTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The West Carrollton City Schools school board passed a resolution Wednesday night that would allow a volunteer team of teaches and staff have access to firearms in the schools.

Parents and grandparents of West Carrollton students said as school shootings happen across the country, they are worried about their kids’ safety here.

“It’s my one of my biggest fears, any parent’s biggest fear is, you know, to get that phone call about an intruder coming in,” West Carrollton parent Misty Milton said.

“It’s scary,” West Carrollton grandparent Robin Bigness said. “It scares me that something like that could happen.”

In a move to prevent that from happening, the West Carrollton school board took the first step to create an armed “District Response Team.”

“It’s just another layer to our district safety plan,” Janine Corbett, public relations for West Carrollton City Schools, said.

This is a volunteer-only response team. Teachers, staff and school employees who volunteer will go through an interview process with district administrators and law enforcement.

Even though the state of Ohio only requires 24 hours of training, school officials said their team will go above and beyond the minimum.

“We will be working with law enforcement and training facilities that will be versed in providing this type of training,” Corbett said. “So we don’t know exactly how it will work yet, but we will be looking into all those avenues throughout the next year.”

Families in the district, however, have a mix of feelings. Milton said she likes the idea of arming staff, but still has questions.

“If you’re going to go ahead and pay, or get ahead and get DeWine to sign off, for us to be able to train this person, why can’t we have that person have a concealed on them so they can protect our children when they need it?” Milton said.

Instead of arming teachers, Bigness said she would like more police officers in the schools.

“They’re in the school going around the hallways all the time,” Bigness said. “You got more chance of something of them protecting you than if the guns are all locked up and the teachers going to get them.”

Corbett said the resolution is only step one. It is going to take at least a year before the district gets a plan and team into place.