GERMANTOWN, Ohio (WDTN) — One of the newest restaurants in southwest Montgomery County can now officially call Germantown home.

Alleyway Cafe is a family owned and operated restaurant in downtown Germantown at 35 West Center Street. The cafe celebrated their grand opening celebration on Saturday, Feb. 18 and welcomed the public with open arms to the small-town restaurant.

Alexis Stiver is one of the co-owners of the restaurant. Stiver says the restaurant they have chosen to open has a long history with Stiver’s family and the surrounding community of Germantown.

“All of us we’re born and raised here in Germantown. Most of us still reside here today,” Stivers said. “We’ve all grown up coming to this restaurant, whether it’s after church for lunch, Saturday morning breakfasts, all of that. Its’ been our restaurant for years.”

If you are hungry and want to have a bite to eat in downtown Germantown, the diner is offering breakfast and lunch daily to begin with. The dishes served at the cafe will be classic and familiar favorites of mostly everyone in the community.

The co-owner of Alleyway Cafe tells 2 NEWS, “We’re serving breakfast and lunch, so your typical omelets, scrambled bowls, French toast and things like that. For lunch, we have burgers, salads, sandwiches and things like that.”

Stiver says she is grateful for the community support since the people of Germantown has given so much, in addition to getting to know other community members stopping into the location for years.

“I know a lot of them as well as our family have been coming to this location for years, so they were very excited to have another restaurant in town to support. We have gotten a lot of local support.”

In the future, the small business is going to look at the option of extending its business hours, opening the doorway for the option to serve dinner to patrons.

“Eventually, we hope to extend our hours and then we will be adding in dinner in as well.”

The cafe is open daily from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and closed on Mondays.