DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Everything has become more expensive in recent months, impacting all of us.

The farming industry has been hit particularly hard by soaring prices, but there is a program in Ohio that could help them keep costs under control.

The Ohio Treasurer talked about the re-vamped AG – link at a meeting with local business leaders today.
He says it will ease the pressure on farmers who were hit hard by inflation.

Treasurer Robert Sprague joined other business leaders in Dayton this morning to discuss the most pressing issues facing the country.

“Inflation is on everybody’s mind, especially farmers” Sprague said. “That’s why Ohio overhauled its ag-link program earlier this year.
The program helps farmers finance the upfront operating costs for seed, fertilizer, fuel, equipment and other costs.

It also waives the 1150-thousand-dollar cap for yearly loans… Now assessing and setting the cap on an annual basis.

“We’re trying to address it in the treasurer’s office through AG-link, and we’ve done a brand-new re-vamp of our AG-link program,” Sprague explained. “The amount of loan that we’ve done to help is actually quadrupled in the last six months to try and help our farmers.”

Sprague says, for decades, AG-link has supported Ohio farmers by driving down the cost of doing business

“They’ve seen dramatic increase in terms of cost,” he said. “We’re trying to make sure, as costs go up, that the interest rate is going down through our AG-link program.”

Farmers can also apply for AG-link loans year-round, giving them more flexibility and access to lower-cost capital.