DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Richmond Community Schools has announced that students attending Richmond High School will temporarily be learning online.

According to Richmond Community Schools, a busted pipe has resulted school officials to announce that students will be completing classes through online learning. The online learning will only apply to students at Richmond High School in Richmond, Indiana.

The district says a significant amount of damage was caused by the broken pipe, which will cause the building to have “extensive renovations” because of “a multitude of challenges” the water damage has caused to the high school.

Richmond Schools say high school students will participate in online live learning starting on Monday, Jan. 9 through Friday, Jan. 13. High school students are required to participate.

For a list of the upcoming bell schedule as well as help centers avaliable to those without Wi-Fi, click here. You are encouraged to call Richmond High School Main Office at 1 (765) 973-3424 with any questions.