KETTERING, Ohio (WDTN) – A 9-year-old student was expelled after they allegedly brought a gun to a Kettering school.

The district confirmed the expulsion of the John F. Kennedy Elementary School student to 2 NEWS for the Tuesday, Feb. 22 incident. According to the district’s policy on removal, suspension and expulsion, a student can be expelled for one year “for bringing a firearm or knife capable of causing serious bodily injury…”

According to a Kettering City Schools spokesperson, the incident started when a parent contacted Principal Laura Meek after the school day. A student had told the parent that they saw a gun in another student’s locker.

A staff member at the school had initially thought the gun was not real due to its appearance, so she picked it up and then real noticed its weight and saw rounds in the chamber, according to the police report. She then immediately put it down.

Kettering Police was then called to the school to remove the gun from the locker. Police said the gun was loaded with three live rounds and it was confirmed that it was brought by a 9-year-old elementary student.

The gun was a pink camo Sig Sauer P365 9mm and it was in working condition, according to police. Dispatch ran the serial number of the gun and confirmed it had not been stolen. Police are working to track down the actual owner.

Kettering City Schools Superintendent Scott Inskeep released the following statement:

There is no more serious infraction of our Student Rules than one in which the safety and security of our schools, and the students and staff members in those schools, are compromised. Our Board Policy is very clear in terms of the disciplinary consequences for anyone who brings a weapon into our schools. The district has meted out the stiffest penalty possible for this infraction, as spelled out in Board Policy and state law.

Superintendent Scott Inskeep

It’s not known why the gun was brought to the school. Police said this case is being presented to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office for review and possible charge consideration.