DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — People all over the country are entering for their chance at becoming a millionaire by purchasing their share of Powerball lottery tickets. The estimated winnings have reached $545 million dollars, and some Miami Valley residents are thinking about how they would spend the money if they win.

“Well I got have to put my grandkids through college. I got four grandkids, I’d like to make sure that they are secure,” said Will Bowling, a resident of Washington Township. “And [I’d take a] much deserving a vacation, pay off all my bills, help my family out a little bit…as much as I can. And I’m a pretty good guy when it comes to helping other people out as well.”

Bowling is just one of many locals who have gone out of their way to purchase a ticket at Bee Gee’s Mini Market in Kettering, which is known for its history of selling winning tickets.

“We are the largest lottery agent in the Miami Valley, we’re one of the top in the state out of over 10,000 agents statewide,” said Michael Sliger, manager at the convenience store. “We have some great customers come through from all over the state and surrounding states. So we have lots of winning tickets.”

Sliger said the idea of winning the jackpot has brought more people in to play than normal. But the realistic chances of winning, he said, are still quite slim. 

“One in roughly 300 million,” he said. “So it’s slim odds but somebody is going to get it. And even if they don’t win it tonight, you’ve got another chance Wednesday and then another chance Saturday. It draws three times a week.”

Either way, people are still considering what they would do with the money if they do win.

“[I’d] pay off my bills and my house, and the same for my brothers and sisters, and make sure…my friends are taken care of,” said Jay Zengel, a resident of Dayton.

William Barnett, a resident of Centerville, added, “I would pay off some bills. Me and my wife would buy a new condominium and take a cruise.”

If you haven’t purchased a ticket yet, it’s not too late. The drawing for the Powerball will be this evening at 11 p.m. eastern time. Wining numbers can be found here after the drawing.