DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Four people were brought to the hospital Saturday after being exposed to carbon monoxide in their home in Spring Creek Township.

Our partners at the Miami Valley Today reported that two adults were using a gasoline-powered engine indoors to pump water from the basement of their home on the 6000 block off Troy-Sidney Road. While the engine was running, two teens were on the upper level of the home.

It is unknown what may have alerted the residents to the dangerous carbon monoxide levels, but soon medics from the Piqua Fire Department were called to the scene. All four residents were brought to Upper Valley Medical Center.

The two adults were reported to be in serious condition, authorities said.

“They had levels on the meters, they had like 400 ppm and levels were double that in the basement. You’re talking death within an hour with those kind of levels,” Captain Dustin Lacy said

Piqua Fire officials explained that incidents like these emphasize the necessity to keep working CO and smoke alarms on every floor of your home. Residents should also regularly change the batteries to ensure the detectors are functioning well.