SPRINGBORO, Ohio (WDTN) — A 20-year-old with a passion for cleaning built her own business from the ground up in Springboro.

Kayleigh Cunningham first started cleaning when she was 17. After she graduated high school in 2021, she turned her labor of love into her own cleaning company called Sprinkled Clean

“I cleaned for my neighbor and helped her organize, and I realized people pay money for this, and people don’t want to do it,” said Kayleigh. 

Blake Alma is one of her clients. 

“My mom told me that my house was dirty because we work a lot here, and I don’t have time to clean it. Plus, I’m a guy.” admits Blake. 

He runs his business, Coin Hub, out of his home which results in people constantly coming and going.

“It gets messy around here really quick. We’re always moving product, bringing shipments in and out, tape ends up everywhere, dirt ends up everywhere,” described Blake. 

That’s where Kayleigh and her team came in. 

“We offer different things. We have like a general cleaning, which is an everyday cleaning, which includes dusting floors like in your own house, and then a deeper cleaning called the deluxe, which includes windows baseboards and kitchen cupboards,” Kayleigh said. 

In two years, Kayleigh has grown her business all through word of mouth and through testimonials like Blake’s.

“Saved me what would take me about 12 hours of work, and they did it in like an hour,” Blake said with a smile. 

Starting with a handful of clients, Kayleigh now has about 125 regulars and more than a dozen on her team, including her mom. 

“I’m kind of like an on-call employee. I work when she’s in a jam or everyone else is busy,” says her mom, Julie. “For her, it’s a natural way to love and to serve, and it doesn’t really feel like work to her.”

For Kayleigh, it’s also the satisfaction of putting her heart into each home and leaving it better than she found it. 

“It’s nice to go into a dirty house and clean it and leave, and you feel accomplished. I don’t see it as work. It’s just, I’m going to clean someone’s house,” Kayleigh said happily. 

Sprinkled Clean is based in Springboro but serves the Miami Valley region and northern Cincinnati.

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