HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WDTN) -In celebration of National Lemonade Day (Aug 20), River Valley Credit Union is hosting the inaugural Lemonade Day competition. 

Across the Miami Valley, 85 children are showing off their entrepreneurship skills by putting up a lemonade stand. 

One of the stands is 2 Sweet Lemonade, run by sisters Amiya (11) and Charity “Cherry” (9). 

“Its a good business its not just regular lemonade,” said Charity. 

“We make it with love,” said Amiya. 

Amiya and Cherry’s mother, Cherrel Barrow, started them in this business. A business owner herself, Barrow wanted her children to learn entrepreneurship and other life skills. 

She says she was excited to see the opportunity of Lemonade Day for her girls. 

“It was really sweet (no pun intended),  when I found out about Lemonade Day, because we get an opportunity to hone in on those  foundational entrepreneur basics and then they get to have fun doing what they already do,” said Barrow. 

The lemonade stands are judged on best decoration, best tasting product and their business plans. Prizes include a Nintendo switch and a $1,000 scholarship from Chick-Fil-A and the opportunity to compete at the national level 

The sisters say they want to encourage other children to take on entrepreneurship with their lemonade. 

“It’s not just adults who can do it, it’s kids who can do it too,” said Amiya. 

And the girls say they are getting more out of their experience than just money.

“In the business we get closer together but its the love that counts between us,” said Amiya. 

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