DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Two suspects are in police custody after three people were shot at the RTA Hub in Dayton Tuesday.

Montgomery County Regional Dispatch said the shooting was reported at the RTA Hub on 4 South Main Street at 2:29 p.m. Sergeant Williams with dispatch said three people were arguing on the bus when the driver intervened and was shot in the groin area. Two suspects were later detained on East 6th Street.

According to Lt. Hall, both of the suspects are juveniles. One was charged with felony assault and is in the Juvenile Justice Center and the other was charged with tampering of evidence and was released on supervised home detention.

The bus driver and two other people were taken to the hospital. Dayton Police said the injuries of the three people shot are not life-threatening.

Shawn Robinson with the University of Dayton said people at the Hub at the Dayton Arcade were under a shelter in place due to the incident.

Wright Stop Plaza was temporarily closed after the incident. It has reopened as of 4 p.m on Tuesday.

RTA CEO Robert Ruzinsky has since provided a statement on the incident:

“RTA is thankful to the actions of the first responders who assisted our employee and eventually apprehended the suspects. Their quick response, professionalism, and dedication made a difficult situation manageable. Our driver is expected to recover and our employees took care of our customers. Operations at the Wright Stop Transit Center have resumed and all buses are running on schedule.”

2 NEWS is working to learn more information and we will update this breaking news story as we receive updates.