DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — This past weekend, Public Health Dayton Montgomery County reported 11 overdoses in area hospitals while they only expected to see around 5. 

Health officials believe the increase in overdose cases is the direct result of the large amount of fentanyl laced in common drugs found on the street.

“There may be a drug that you have purchased on the street, and you didn’t have any problems with, but now because of that fentanyl that’s in the drug can be very dangerous, and we want to bring that into people’s attention,” Public Health official Dan Suffoletto said.

Officials also say to help reduce and prevent drug overdose avoid drugs that may have fentanyl in them, have narcan available and someone to administer it, do not use drugs alone, do not share needles, and of course the safest thing is to avoid drugs altogether.

Resources are also available to support people through addiction at 833-580-2255.