DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Before you suit up in your favorite superhero costume or put on your witch’s hat, it is important to talk Halloween safety with your kids.

Montgomery County Sheriff Rob Streck said one of the biggest dangers when out trick-or-treating is people getting hit by cars. Because of this, Streck said kids should have a light with them or wear something reflective.

“Make sure that when your children are out trick or treating, that they know to stay on sidewalks, to use crosswalks, to stay away from the roadway. And then to have a responsible party with them,” Sheriff Streck said.

While every kid cannot wait to dig into their candy as soon as they get home, Major Jimmy Mullins still recommends someone look through it.

“There’s a few instances isolated here and there, but just to make sure you check the candy, if you’ve got an open wrapper, you can just throw that away. If you’ve got things that are not prepackaged from a factory, be careful with those unless they came from a neighbor that you trust,” Maj. Mullins said.

Another scary threat this year? Viruses. Communities across the Miami Valley are seeing a rise in flu cases and RSV. Some counties are also seeing an uptick in COVID-19 cases. Laurie Fox, the Public Information Officer for Greene County Public Health, said Greene County is at a medium community level.

“We can tell from what we’re seeing throughout the country and some of the increases in the talk of that triple threat with RSV, flu, and COVID 19. All of those things together, all respiratory illnesses, those things together are just giving us a run for our money,” Fox said.

If you or your child starts to feel bad after all the Halloween festivities, Greene County Public Health is offering test-to-treat kits. These kits allow symptomatic people to take the test with a Telehealth proctor.

“If you qualify, if it’s a positive result and you qualify, you may be able to get the oral medication and the treatment. That’s why it’s called a test-to-treat so they can get that treatment,” Fox explained.

If you are interested in getting a test, they will be available starting Tuesday, November 1, 2022. People can call 937-374-5613 and leave a message requesting a kit, or email and someone will be in touch. Pick-up is contactless.