DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Dayton police, along with other law enforcement agencies, have identified a growing issue in the region: stolen vehicles.

As a result, they’re coming up with ways to crack down on car thieves.

New data shows a dramatic increase in stolen vehicles. Dayton police alone seeing a 61% jump compared to this time last year, with nearly 1,100 vehicles stolen in 2022 thus far.

In addition to Dayton, communities in Montgomery County are also seeing a spike in vehicle thefts. This includes in Kettering, which saw a 152% jump year to year.

Rob Streck, Sheriff for Montgomery County said, “There’s no joy to the family or the individuals who have lost their property, their insurance rates went up it is called a felony, and anybody who is out stealing these cars, they are committing the felony and they need to end up behind this building in my jail.”

Officials say the best advice is to lock your vehicle, do not keep your keys in the car, park in well-lit and observable areas, consider a mobilization device that prevents movement of the steering wheel or brake pedal and implementing a GPS tracking system in your vehicle.