MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (WDTN) —  Already cursed by killer clowns and wolf-like beasts, The Land of Illusion is getting ready to break ground on another venture, taking on the film industry.

Every fall, the parcel of land on the outskirts of Middletown is home to a demonic wasteland of haunted creatures. Now, it’ll be the setting for an independent horror film.

“We’re really trying to reach to the community and start creating some jobs, bringing a future for local artists and entertainers of this area,” said Land of Illusion CEO Brett Oakley.

Director Andy Palmer has partnered with Oakley to film the Funhouse Massacre on the park’s 110 acres.

“It takes place Halloween night, statesville asylum, a bunch of crazies get let out of the asylum. Across town there is a big haunted house that is an ode to all of these guys. So basically the inmates take over the fun house,” said Palmer.

“We’ve got a lot of great sets and a lot of great scenes built especially for the horror industry, and we think we’ve got a lot to offer here,” said Oakley.

Since 2004, bloody monsters and evil spirits have been roaming the Land of Illusion. With filming already taking place, you can add Freddy Krueger to the list of demons haunting the park.

“We have a lot of great talent, especially in the horror industry. Robert Englund who is Freddy Krueger is in the movie,” said Palmer.

The Land of Illusion is hoping this opportunity is only the beginning.

“What this allows the Land of Illusion to do is gradually continue to expand in what we’re doing, putting on a better show, come Halloween,” said Oakley.

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