KETTERING, Ohio (WDTN) – Kettering firefighters were back on the scene of a vacant house for the second time in the past few months.

Crews responded to a call in the 300 block of Rockhill Avenue around 10:45 p.m. on Tuesday.

They were called to the same house in April.

Kettering Fire Battalion Chief Mike Miller says his firefighters knew the home was vacant after the last call, and they were prepared for unsafe conditions inside the house.

“We do know that there is a large trench hole in the floor of the first floor so we weren’t going to send anyone inside and risk firefighters lives and risk injury to save a house that nobody is living in,” Miller said.

With crews remaining on the outside of the home, firefighters used a different strategy to knock down the flames.

“We used large hose lines to flow a lot of water to try to hit it,” Miller said. “We had to let it burn through the roof a little bit to get it to burn from around the roof.”

“We protected the exposures the houses next door so we make sure that the fire doesn’t spread anywhere that it’s contained to the building that we’re writing off,” Miller said.

Investigators say there was no gas or electric connected to the unoccupied home.

A cause is still under investigation.