KENT, Ohio (WJW) – Police at Kent State University are asking for the public’s help in finding a man who sexually assaulted a young woman on campus.

Kent State police say the assault happened between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. Sunday near Terrace Drive, which runs through the heart of campus.

Police say the suspect is a college-age male, but they didn’t specify whether it was a Kent State student.

They describe him as about six feet tall, with an average build and dark brown hair. 

They say he wore dark-colored sweatpants and a surgical mask.

Students on campus received an alert about the assault.

“I think that stuff happens all over the place and it’s hard to say whether you’re safe anywhere, really. You just have to be vigilant of your surroundings,” said student Malika Burnham.

In the notification, Kent State Police emphasized that safety is their top priority.

“I feel very safe on campus,” said freshman Aiden Stought. “I’m not surprised because it could happen anywhere, but it’s definitely disheartening.”

“It can happen anywhere, especially on a college campus, but I agree it’s really disheartening, you know, it’s a little bit surprising I guess ’cause I really do feel safe on campus,” said freshman Justin Beatty.

Kent State Police say officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day in vehicles, on foot and bicycles.

Police also note there are more than 30 blue light phones stationed across campus in parking lots and along sidewalks that connect immediately with campus police.

“The campus does really well to make sure that things are taken care of and that we’re safe and it got taken care of really quickly and I’m OK with that,” said student Atira Wong.

Anyone with information should contact campus police.