CARLISLE, Ohio (WDTN) – The Johnson family took their first step forward in the grieving process to mourn the child they never got to meet.

Trey Johnson is the father to the baby shared with Brooke Skylar Richardson, and he testified in court that he was never told about his child nor Richardson’s pregnancy.

The Johnson family and their friends said this candlelight vigil served many purposes, as a way to mourn and honor the baby girl, and as a way to say thank you to the community for showing their support.

Those in attendance were decked out in pink to remember baby Johnson, and yellow because it’s Trey’s favorite color.

Sharing prayers, a moment of silence, poems, and more to honor the baby girl they never got to meet.

“We’re just all here to take the step forward and help them heal,” said Dorinda Smith, a family friend who helped organize the vigil.

Trey’s mother, Tracy, spoke out for the first time at the vigil, using the moment to clarify some misconceptions.

“We have found out everything though Facebook,” said Johnson. “We found out about the paternity on Facebook, although it was a rumor at the time.”

But she said most importantly, they wanted to to say thank you to the doctors, detectives, and the community.

“To Trey’s friends, I cant’ thank you enough,” said Johnson. “You have gone above and beyond to keep his private life private and keep it as normal as it could possibly have been in the most abnormal situation anyone could have imagined.”

The Johnson family and their friends in attendance said they will continue to mourn the what if’s and what could have been’s, but most importantly, are still mourning the loss of baby Johnson.

“You can never overcome the loss of a child,” said Smith. “That is something than no one can ever overcome, it will be with them their entire lives.”

The Johnson family has set up a P.O. box to accept cards of support from with the address, P.O. Box 751042 Dayton, Ohio 45475.