DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – 2 NEWS spoke with Republican U.S. Senate candidate JD Vance Wednesday.

Vance, who is running for outgoing Senator Rob Portman’s seat, was recently endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police.

We asked what that endorsement means to him, and the changes he would make as senator to give police departments the resources they need to protect Ohio’s communities. 

“I don’t think any Ohioan should live in a community, whatever the color of their skin, however much money they make, you should have the right to basic public safety in your home.”

Vance is running against Democratic nominee Congressman Tim Ryan. He said his opponent’s and Biden’s economic policies are hurting average Americans. Vance said he wants to see the U.S. bring more energy production back to the states, and he sees Ohio as a major piece in strengthening America’s economy.

“Gas is still way too expensive than it should be and way more than it was a couple of years ago. And to me what we really have to do is make and produce energy here in Ohio, here in our own country. That means drilling for more oil. That means refining that oil into gasoline. “

The candidate said he supports Ohio’s heartbeat law which bans abortion after six weeks.

Vance said now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned by the Supreme Court, focus needs to turn to supporting the Ohioans who will be having children.

“Ohio has the heartbeat bill which obviously means we’re protective of the rights of the newborn. I think that’s a good piece of legislation. But when you have a piece of legislation like that in place – you’ve got to ask yourself – how are moms going to get the help they need? How are you going to make sure these kids have a good life? That to me is really where we have to focus as pro-life people.”

You can watch our full interview with Vance in the player at the top of the story.