RIVERSIDE, Ohio (WDTN) — Students in Stacie Boltz class at Beverly Gardens Elementary were in for a surprise Wednesday

“It was cool because I met the First Lady,” Kyle Jackson, a second grader, said.

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden stopped by Mrs. Boltz class as part of her visit to the Miami Valley.

“I was neat to see her interact with the kids and how the kids interacted with her, and they didn’t quite know who she was when she came in. We didn’t tell them about the special guest, but they just treated her like any other person walking in,” Mrs. Boltz said.

The First Lady was in town to learn about the needs of military families. Beverly Gardens is a Purple Star school where 75% of students are in military households; students like Haley Golden whose Mom just got home from deployment.

“We picked her up from the airport and then we ran around because not many people were in there,” Haley said.

The First Lady spent time with students and even helped them with their work.

“We played mystery number where I had to guess her number,” Kyle said.

Mrs. Boltz said she is glad her students got this once in a lifetime opportunity, and glad they got to show off their skills in front of the First Lady.

“She was just kind of in awe that they were adding three digit numbers and what the kids were working on. And it was neat to see the kids tell her what the game or center was as they did it, and be seeing them explain it to her,” Mrs. Boltz said.