DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Dayton Public Schools are investigating after a video was shared across social media, reportedly showing a principal tossing a student to the ground.

That video has now been taken down from Facebook, but based on Dayton Police’s report, there is more to the story than the video shows.

The video, which is about 5 seconds long, shows an adult confronting a minor outside of the school.

According to the police report, on Friday, Feb. 3, a 14-year-old boy told officers his cousin was being threatened by a group of students and he went to the school to confront them.

The school principal tried to step into the confrontation to stop the fight and according to the report, tried to keep the teen from getting to the other students. The teen told police he eventually pushed past the principal and tried to punch one of the kids.

That’s when the video that was shared on social media begins when the principal picked the teen up and reportedly tossed him onto the ground.

The teen was seen by doctors at Dayton Children’s Hospital for a minor injury to his shin.

According to the report, the teen also told police he had been suspended from school and knew he was not allowed on school property. He also said he started the incident by confronting the kids.

Dayton Public Schools superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Lolli released a statement saying, in quote, “The district is aware of the video and has taken appropriate steps to address the matter.”

According to the Dayton Police Department, the situation is currently under investigation, and no one involved is currently facing any charges.