SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WDTN) — It was an exciting and emotional day as Springfield Firefighter and Paramedic James “Rob” Baise was sent home after spending almost two weeks recovering in the hospital.

Baise was hurt on Sept. 25 while working to put out a fire at a home on Rice Street in Springfield. While he and the rest of the crew were trying to escape the worsening conditions, he fell down a flight of stairs and hurt his neck.

“Lot different than what happened at the scene. He was Careflighted to Miami Valley Hospital, stayed there and then transferred here. And today is, I guess, the culmination of everybody’s great effort and the best-case scenario for everybody,” Cpt. Matt Davis said.

Baise’s friends and coworkers lined the lobby of Springfield Regional Medical Center on Friday, cheering on a man they said always goes above and beyond for his community. Marc Lloyd is a retired battalion chief and a friend of Baise. He said Baise is a good man.

“I know that this group of people here, the men and women of the fire division, will take care of him, plenty of people have a contact with him. And we’ll make sure that if he needs something or his family needs something, they’re taken care of,” Lloyd explained.

Ohio State Fire Marshal Kevin Reardon said thousands of firefighters are injured every year, and each injury is concerning.

“Even a minor injury is nothing to take lightly. Major injuries, we never want to see those happen, but they do. So we try to react, we try to stay ahead of it a little bit, and get help as quickly as possible,” Reardon said.

Baise’s fellow firefighters are happy he is doing okay.

“It’s a brotherhood, brothers and sisters. I mean, you see it here, right? One of us gets hurt. We all rally around each other. It’s just overwhelming to see,” Cpt. Davis said.