HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WDTN) – A Huber Heights church is helping firefighters stay healthy. Engage Church is helping to prevent cancer among the Huber Height Fire Department–something that’s become growing problem for firefighters.

Wednesday, the church donated a year supply of body wipes. They’ll be used by firefighters after fires to help prevent skin cancer.

The latest research from the CDC shows a strong correlation between cancer and retired firefighters. The research points out specific chemicals firefighters are exposed to on a daily basis which puts them at a greater risk for cancer.

Fire Chief Mark Ashworth says before the donation they were already in the process of implementing a new wellness program to address the cancer problem.

“We’re blessed,” Ashworth said. “They walked in at the right time. Time was impeccable. We were talking and reviewing over a study that we had done to determine where are our loopholes in trying to prevent cancer for the up in coming generation of fire fighters.”

Ashworth says the wipes won’t just be passed out to Huber Heights firefighters, but also firefighters from surrounding departments that provide aide at the same scene.