TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA/WTNH) – Tax day is here, but are you getting all of the money you deserve?

If you think you made a mistake on your taxes, don’t worry there is still a way to get your money.

No matter how many T’s you crossed and I’s you dotted, it can be easy to make a mistake on your taxes.

“One of the things that we find that taxpayers overlook is the earned income tax credit,” said Latasha Randle, H&R Block Senior Tax Specialist. 

It’s one of those credits where it could be worth up to $6,269 for a taxpayer, but so many people don’t realize they are eligible for it.

As a matter of fact, experts say one in five taxpayers who are eligible fail to take the credit each year.

But don’t fret. If you forgot to claim a tax credit or deduction, there is something you can do.

File an amended return.

“Over half of the taxpayers don’t even realize that they have the option to amend that return and claim those deductions,” said Randle. 

Which means more money in your pocket.

You should also amend your return if you need to correct your filing status, change the number of dependents or adjust your total income.

And no need to rush. In most cases, you have up to 3 years to amend a return and claim your money.