DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – As we continue to deal with COVID-19, and now the aftermath of last Wednesday’s attack on Capitol Hill, health experts are advising parents to keep an eye on their children’s mental health.

“Times when life is different than usual, especially with covid and we have to be isolated more, can’t go around with friends and things like that. Certainly, you probably do have more risk for things like depression and anxiety,” said Dayton Children’s Hospital Psychologist Christine Abbuhl.

When it comes to education, schools are also working to help keep children’s mental health on track. Experts like Abbuhl say many kids thrive in social settings. Now because of the pandemic, online learning has become the new normal. This…makes socializing more difficult.

“Getting an understanding of dealing with their emotions of how they feel right now with what’s happening in the world,” said Trotwood-Madison Student Support Services Director Tracey Mallory.

Mallory says many teachers have began combining online learning with real life events going on.

“Even taking this advantage of opportunity to deeper our students understanding of democracy, and the importance of a peaceful transition and what that looks like,” said Mallory.

Even if you notice a child isn’t showing signs of anxiety, depression, or any form of distress..Abbuhl says talking is the best way to find out what’s really going through a child’s head.

“Trying to make sure your house is a place that kids know we talk. Maybe trying to find time each day where we turn everything off, and just talk to each other,” said Abbuhl.

Below is a list of different children mental health resources in the Dayton area: