DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Governor DeWine is setting aside $150 million to a new lead poisoning prevention initiative.

On Friday, DeWine announced a new program costing $150 million to protect Ohioans across the state. The program, The Lead Safe Ohio Program, will help prevent lead poisoning and help relieve lead contamination.

“In 2023, lead exposure is an all-too preventable problem,” DeWine said. “It is our responsibility to ensure that all Ohioans – young and old – feel safe and healthy in their own homes.”

Communities will have the opportunity to apply for funding to be in the program by the end of the summer. At the beginning of 2024, the program will open to any childcare facility, congregate shelter or homeowner who believes they could be impacted by the dangers of lead poisoning.

Lead poisoning is often found in lead-based paint found on older homes and buildings. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says lead-based paint was outlawed for residential homes beginning in 1978.

“Through this funding, we are arming community leaders with the resources to help their residents make much-needed repairs and remove a catastrophic health hazard from the places they call home,” Lt. Governor Jon Husted said.

Lead poisoning may not only have an impact on a child’s physical health, but also mental health and their ability to learn and produce an income in some instances.

To find out the symptoms and other health information surrounding lead poisoning, click here. If you are experiencing symptoms or think you have been poisoned, you are encouraged to consult your healthcare provider.