DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Warren County Combined Health District has released information after a person has been diagnosed with a disease.

On Wednesday, March 15, the Warren County Combined Health District (WCCHD) was notified that a person had been diagnosed with a case of meningococcal disease. The disease is said to be caused by a bacterial infection called Neisseria meningitidis, which has the potential to be causing long-term problems and deadly.

The release says more commonly, the invasive infections more commonly cause meningitis, with conjunctivitis, blood infection, pneumonia, septic arthritis and chronic meningococcemia being less common.

Symptoms of the disease include fever, headache and stiff neck, according to the CDC. Additional symptoms that can not be ruled out include confusion, nausea, sensitivity to light and vomiting.

WCCHD says the high-risk close contacts have been contacted. The health department tells 2 NEWS the last record of a case of Meningococcal disease in Warren County reported was over a decade ago, back in 2012.

The vaccination process for the disease is said to happen for children around the ages of 11 to 12. When children are around the ages of 16 to 17, they receive a booster shot.

If you are needing to get your child vaccinated or unsure of your vaccination status, you are asked to contact your physician. For any questions about the disease, you are asked to call the Warren County Health District at 1 (513) 695-2097.