** The video shows carfentanil coverage from 2019 **

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — An extremely dangerous and deadly drug is popping back up across the state of Ohio.

A release from Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost says carfentanil has been increasingly present in recent overdose deaths in Ohio.

The attorney general says carfentanil is an elephant tranquilizer drug.

“Carfentanil is used by veterinarians to tranquilize elephants – this is an extremely powerful opioid that can have devastating effects,” Yost said. “For an opioid that potent, even a handful of cases is enough to trigger alarms.”

For reference, carfentanil is around 100 times more powerful than fentanyl. Compared to morphine, the elephant tranquilizer drug is 10,000 times more powerful. The drug is described as being an either beige, brown, tan or white powdery substance.

In three separate drug cases from August, the presence of carfentanil was identified. Out of the three, the drug was present at the scene of an overdose. Last week, a drug seizure was conducted in Franklin County, where 3 kilograms of the drug were confiscated.

“The Columbus Division of Police’s drug laboratory analyzed an additional case this month that involved the fatal overdose of a minor in which carfentanil was identified.”

In 2022, confirmed carfentanil overdose cases by Ohio BCI only rose to five.

Carfentanil is deadly. If you believe you have been exposed, you should immediately seek medical attention. Law enforcement should also be contacted if you are exposed.