DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A new exhibit is opening at the Newport Aquarium.

Newport Aquarium in Newport, Ky. has announced the opening of Hatchling Harbor, a massive habitat filled with hundreds of animals. This 25-foot-long environment holds Caribbean seagrass, which provides a good habitat for hundreds of babies to grow in.

This exhibit will include a variety of creatures including the strange scrawled tilefish, lobsters and crabs, urchins and conchs. According to the aquarium, this exhibit will let visitors watch them change their shape, color and markings as they grow into adulthood before heading further out to sea.

“We work hard to make sure we’re taking guests ‘beyond the glass’ when we create a new exhibit,” said Rebecca Foster, Newport Aquarium’s Executive Director. “You can better connect with the animals if you really feel like you’re with them in the environment where they live.”

The new exhibit opens to the public on Friday, March 3rd. The aquarium said it has also launched new membership tiers that allow guests to visit as often as they like to watch the creatures grow over time.

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