DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — During a press conference Thursday, Governor Mike DeWine announced that the state will be eliminating all remaining health orders regarding nursing home visits on Friday.

“We are now at the point where the state needs to stand back in regard to visitation,” DeWine said. The state will remove requirements for individuals to schedule visits. The two-person limit per visit will also be lifted.”We really encourage nursing homes to allow for as much visitation as possible,” said DeWine.

After a year like 2020, staff at Widows Home of Dayton said seeing loved ones makes a huge difference for residents. Annetta Baker, a licensed social worker at Widows Home of Dayton said “Their whole attitude and the way they interact with other psycho-socially. Everything is just positive.”

As of now, the center is requiring visits to be scheduled but they said visitors can come and stay for as long as they wish. “We still take our precautions. We still wear our masks and we still test the visitors when they come in,” Baker said.

Wright Rehabilitation and Health Center is also allowing more visits. Officials said they screen visitors before they are allowed inside. Lori Bocook, a spokesperson for Wright Rehab said the changes coming Friday means a little more normalcy for residents there.

“It’s been a long road so residents are excited to see their families. They can come in at any time they want. Staff are excited to be reunited with families so we’re just thrilled about the changes,” she said.