GERMANTOWN, Ohio (WDTN) – A Germantown couple is safe and recovering after they claim their Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge exploded inside their home.

Nothing but charred metal and plastic is all that’s left of Kelly Taylor’s Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It shouldn’t be confused with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which has been permanently discontinued by Samsung.

“We heard like a pop, like a snap,” Taylor said. “And then we heard a sizzle, like a smoke bomb being let off.”

Taylor shot video moments after he says the phone sparked while it was charging on his couch.

“Smoke was pouring off the couch,” Taylor said. “And it turned out to be this phone. And it was plugged in to this charger.”

Taylor says when he grabbed the phone by the charger, sparks were shooting from the phone. He says the phone left burn marks on his couch.

“The guts and everything we’re smoking it was so hot,” Taylor said. “And it actually burnt my finger when I touched it.”

Taylor says he’s thankful no one was hurt. His girlfriend and 3 kids were home at time. He says he just happened to wake up for work a few minutes before the phone exploded.

Jordan: “Have you thought of what might have been if you weren’t up?”

Kelly: “Oh yes, it would have burnt the couch. I’m sure the smoke would have woke somebody up, but still the couch would have been burning or something.”

Taylor says after a call to AT&T, they told him he had to pay his $200 dollar deductible in order to get a new phone.

“There wasn’t anything like ‘oh my goodness, can you bring us the phone and let us look at it’. They didn’t offer anything,” Taylor said. “They just wanted me to turn it in on the insurance and pay the $200 dollar deductible.”

2 NEWS reached out to AT&T and Samsung for comment on this story. We’re still waiting to hear back.