DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) -The city of Dayton is working to move forward while still remembering the victim’s of a horrific mass shooting that happened three weeks ago. The Gem City Shine event, hosted by comedian Dave Chappelle, is supposed to help remember the victims of the tragedy.

“I think the Gem City Shine event is for these victims,” said Chealsie Moore, a Dayton artist. “It is a way to get the community together in a place that’s been touched by so much negativity. It’s a way to bring light, it’s a way to make it shine.”

Days after the tragedy, Moore decided to create her own memorial to the victims through her art.
Now, she will be joining tens of thousands of Daytonians at the benefit concert to remember their lives.

“No matter how awful this shooting is and it was truly terrible, seeing the community come together is touching everybody,” said Moore.

The benefit concert event is now at capacity. Event organizers with the Downtown Dayton Partnership are warning that having a ticket does not guarantee entry. According to a Facebook post, if security officers believe the area is becoming hazardous due to the number of visitors, they will begin to turn people away from the gates.

Organizers are warning those registered to attend to prepare for a long day. They are expecting the security check in process to take a long time. Those with tickets must have their tickets on their phone, paper versions will not be accepted. For this reason, guests are being encouraged to come with their phones fully charged. There will also be no re-entry for anyone who leaves the venue before the event is complete.

They are also asking visitors to lave lawn chairs, large bags and any containers that are not clear, plastic, factory sealed water bottles at home.

Those in need of medical attention, or mental health services will be able to find it all in the venue.

The main stage, located on Wayne Avenue and Fifth Street is where most of the action will take place, but visitors are being encouraged to shop and visit the Oregon District throughout the night.

Some business owners are preparing for the massive amounts of people who will be there.

“I’m hoping it’s going to be amazing for the District, bringing in a lot of people that wouldn’t normally be down here on a Sunday afternoon,” said Cassie Robere, the owner of i Made This.

“Obviously I would love for anyone who wants to be here to be here. However, just the logistics of 20,000 people in such a closed area. It’s a lot to take in,” said Robere.